RaceChip® – classic and entry level

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  • Front view of the RaceChip®
The RaceChip® One (formerly Std.) is the entry model into chip tuning. Feel a significant power increase at an affordable price. Experience how Chiptuning will enhance your driving experience. Our entry model is a good option to get your feet wet with Chiptuning…

  • up to 25%
    more power
  • up to 20%
    more torque
  • increase fuel economy by up to 5 MPG
  • ST62 Microprocessor

  • Customizable

  • Safe connection with a Sub-D connector

  • Aluminum casing

  • Do-it-yourself installation with included instructions

  • Available for more than 2000 vehicles

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    Better performance. Micro-processor controlled
    Faster acceleration and greater engine response. Result: more fun to drive! The 8-bit ST62 processor made by ST Microelectronics is a widely used Microcontrollers for complex control tasks. With its fast 8-MHz clock rate, it responds promptly to provide for increased engine power of up to 25%. Don’t believe us, Test it yourself.

  • racechip ultimate

    When you get your RaceChip®, it is already programmed with default settings for your vehicle. However, you can fine tune your RaceChip at any time to reach your specific needs and desired results. Adjusting your RaceChip is quick, easy and you don’t need specific auto knowledge for the task.  Our Customer Service Technicians are available for more information on installation and achieving 25% more power, 20% more torque and increased fuel efficiency up to 5 MPG. These maximum values are achievable however they may vary depending on the vehicle.  To learn more regarding the maximum values for your vehicle please make a selection from our database by clicking below. Select vehicle

  • racechip ultimate

    Eco-Tuning – more fun, more power, less fuel
    If your goal is to save fuel, RaceChip® can help you achieve this by increasing fuel economy up to 5 mpg while maintaining optimal performance.  If saving fuel is your motive for buying, please let us know while submitting your order, and we will configure your chiptuning box for this purpose. More Information

  • racechip ultimate

    Sub-D Connector
    A reliable high-speed data connection is critical for optimal performance. Therefore, the RaceChip® includes the best Sub-D connector available that meets the standards for electronic connectors to ensure safety and optimal performance.

  • racechip ultimate

    Durable and reliable aluminum housing
    A sturdy die-cast aluminum casing protects every RaceChip® tuning box from negative external influences that could affect performance and durability. Before power washing your vehicle’s engine, please remove the chiptuning box. The extreme pressure could damage the integrity of the box and allow water to enter the casing.

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