New: RaceChip® Ultimate – the Cream of the crop.

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RaceChip® Ultimate is our top model. It is equipped with a high-quality, high-performance 48-MHz processor, with a fiberglass-reinforced casing and FCI connectors, like those used by car manufacturers. The Ultimate maximizes the power gain and sets a reference standard in engine chiptuning.

  • Up to 31%
    more power
  • up to 26%
    more torque
  • increase fuel economy by up to 5 MPG
  • New ARM Cortex III High-End Processor

  • Customizable

  • High-quality FCI-Automotive-plug

  • Fiberglass reinforced casing

  • Do-it-yourself installation with included instructions

  • Available for over 2000 vehicles

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  • racechip ultimate

    Best performance. Micro-processor controlled.
    RaceChip® Ultimate is the first to use the highly adaptable ARM Cortex ™ III processor. This microcontroller with its 48 MHz clock speed is at the heart of our ultimate chiptuning. The highest performance possible in the smallest space available to guarantee optimized performance adjustments in microseconds with the trigger being the gas pedal.

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    The Ultimate RaceChip® is shipped to you with an individually set default for your car. Later, after installation you are able to further customize your RaceChip® Ultimate chiptuning box. It’s quick, it’s easy and without expert knowledge. More information on settings. Gain up to 31% more power and 26% more torque with RaceChip® Ultimate. Also enjoy fuel savings of up to 5 mpg. Performance values may vary depending on the vehicle. To research tuning options for your vehicle, please select from our database. Select vehicles

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    Eco-Tuning – fast and frugal
    With RaceChip® Ultimate and a fluid, smooth driving style you can save up to 5 mpg of fuel with increased performance.  If you would like us to account for fuel economy when programming your RaceChip® Ultimate tuning box, let us know when you place your order. More information

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    FCI Automotive Connectors
    The widely used professional automotive connector from FCI guarantees the highest stability and reliability. Therefore, we have included FCI Automotive Connectors with the RaceChip® Ultimate chiptuning box. These plug-in connectors are of the highest quality.

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    Fiberglass reinforced design casing
    The new heat-resistant casing made of fiberglass reinforced plastic results in perfectly protected electronics from adverse conditions. The compact dimensions allow you to install RaceChip® Ultimate easily and without special tools or specific automotive knowledge.

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