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  • Back view of the RaceChip® Pro2, top right
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  • Back view of the RaceChip® Pro2

The RaceChip® Pro2 is the successor of the internationally successful Pro series. It guarantees a high level of chip-tuning for a reasonable price. The combination of performance and price is one of the reasons for the popularity of the Pro Series. In the center of RaceChip® Pro2 is the 24-MHz processor that is perfectly protected in a compact, rugged fiberglass-reinforced plastic casing.

  • up to 30%
    more power
  • up to 20%
    more torque
  • increase fuel economy by up to 5 MPG
  • Newer, faster STM8 processor

  • Customizable

  • High-quality FCI-Automotive-plug

  • New, fiberglass reinforced design casing

  • Do-it-yourself installation with included instructions

  • Available for over 2000 vehicles

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    Better performance. Micro-processor controlled
    We use the high-performance STM8 processor from ST Microelectronics. It is an 8-bit ultra-low-power microcontroller with more memory and a higher storage capacity. With a 24-MHz clock speed it provides a performance boost of at least 30 percent. Also a new, nano-coating protects the board from dirt and moisture without altering the look of the device.

  • racechip ultimate

    After you order you will receive your RaceChip® Pro2 especially optimized for your vehicle and performance needs. Also, you can further customize your RaceChip® Pro2 upon installation. Notice up to 30% more power and torque up to 20% greater upon installation. Not to mention, the fuel savings of up to 5 mpg.   More information These values may vary depending on the vehicle. Select your vehicle from our database to receive details about tuning and the power, torque and fuel economy attainable through RaceChip® chiptuning. Select vehicle

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    Eco-Tuning – Fun and Savings
    With RaceChip® Pro2 you can save fuel up to 5mpg in addition to increased performance.  If your purpose for inquiring into RaceChip® is for fuel economy please let us know when you order and we will take this into account when configuring the initial settings of your module. More information

  • racechip ultimate

    Industry standard FCI Automotive Connectors
    For reliable and consistent connectivity RaceChip® Pro2 now uses automotive industry grade connectors from FCI. These plugs are widely used in the automotive industry and are available with the best connectors and with maximum reliability.

  • racechip ultimate

    Fiberglass reinforced design casing
    The new heat-resistant casing made of fiberglass reinforced plastic results in perfectly protected electronics from adverse conditions. The compact dimensions allow you to install RaceChip® Pro2 quickly and without special tools or specific automotive knowledge.

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