RaceChip® Chiptuning – Technology & Quality make the difference

Chiptuning means one thing: more driving pleasure. Our development team is working passionately to optimize your vehicle’s performance to increase your driving pleasure.  Our motto is “Powerful, direct and economical.”

Technical Specifications at a glance

Currently, we offer three different RaceChip® Chiptuning modules on a DIY basis:

Specification RaceChip® RaceChip® Pro2 RaceChip® Ultimate
Increase in performance up to 25% up to 30% up to 31%
Torque increase up to 20% up to 20% up to 26%
Fuel reduction up to 1.0 l / 100 km up to 1.0 l / 100 km up to 1.0 l / 100 km
Processor ST62 (8Mhz) STM8 (24Mhz) ARM Cortex III (48Mhz)
Core size: 8 bit 8 bit 32 bit
Characteristic processing 12 million/sec 24 million/sec 48 million/sec
Plug Sub-D FCI Automotive FCI Automotive
Casing Aluminium,
heat resistant,
additionally shock-protected
Fibre-glass reinforced plastic,
heat resistant,
Fibre-glass reinforced plastic,
heat resistant,
Dimensions: 7,4cm x 6,3cm x 3,4cm 9,2cm x 10,4cm x 3,6cm 11,5cm x 10,0cm x 4,0cm

The above power and torque gains as well as improved fuel economy generally provide maximum achievable values that vary depending on the vehicle. The standard calculated values for your vehicle, are available once you have selected your vehicle from the database.

RaceChip® = Quality “Made in Germany”

Our RaceChip® products are (as of May 2014) internationally distributed in 132 countries.  Join the more than 250.000 RaceChip® customers that are already experiencing pure driving pleasure.  Our customers put their trust in “Made in Germany” because RaceChip® tuning products are developed and manufactured in Germany.  Since 2009, RaceChip® Chiptuning GmbH & Co. is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001, meaning that work on all levels of the company is monitored with a process based quality management system. From development to production to distribution, to technical and customer support quality is paramount.


RaceChip® Modules are rigorously tested

All RaceChip® modules are checked at regular intervals within strict parameters.  Some of the key tests include:

Temperature resistance

RaceChip® modules are exposed to strong temperature fluctuation while driving.  We test for proper functioning and continuous operation from – 20 ° C to + 135 ° C (-4 F to 275 F).


Independent, external tests confirm that even rough shocks (up to 500/min) will not degrade the functions and features of RaceChip® chiptuning modules.

Winter performance

Road salt is hard on electronic components, and can even permanently destroy their integrity. Our RaceChip® Chiptuning modules are protected against road salt, to avoid damaged electronics. To ensure the integrity of the electronic casing we spray our modules for ten days around the clock with an aggressive saline. A batch of modules will only move forward in production after successfully passing the test.

EMV E13 Test method

In further tests, we ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of RaceChip® Chiptuning modules in traffic safely to prevent failures due to electromagnetic interference.


With the use of CE Label on all RaceChip® Chiptuning modules we guarantee the security of the European Union are fully respected and adhered to for our customers. The European Union’s guidelines match or exceed the United States standards on CE.