RaceChip® – a unique company

Manuel Götz, a chiptuning specialist founded RaceChip® in late 2007. However, a team of developers had been working since 1994 tuning vehicles using OBD tuning which later became the model for chip tuning.

In 2008 brothers Manuel and Daniel Gotz branded RaceChip® in a 1000 square foot attic in Holzmaden.  Manufacturing the latest version of RaceChip® chiptuning modules and the engaging work environment quickly made RaceChip® a sought after employer and quickly grew to 10 employees. In November 2012, the company grew to 46 employees and with it the introduction of RaceChip® Ultimate.  RaceChip® Ultimate boasted a 48 MHz processor and a high-profile FCI automotive connector.  The newest version made power available in real time.

RaceChip® Philosophy for Safety

RaceChip® products are only available via auxiliary controllers.  Why?  This is the only way to maintain the original software of the vehicle and the motor protection programs through the vehicle manufacturers. To read more about the benefits of chiptuning opposed to OBD tuning read more in ‘What is chiptuning’.

Chiptuning Made in Germany

For RaceChip® quality is paramount. After all, what is fun when your safety and the integrity of your vehicle is in jeopardy. This is why at RaceChip® our chiptuning modules are developed and manufactured either in house or within the Stuttgart area, where quality matters. In addition, RaceChip® has been certified with the German TUV since 2009 underscoring the high product quality and safety of RaceChip® products.

Personal customer service

We are ready to answer your questions. All your questions – whether by phone or e-mail – answered exclusively by RaceChip® employees. We don’t operate with a call center, and we don’t have automated mail, you will speak to a live person in the United States every time.

A dedicated team of employees

At RaceChip® we work as a team and encourage the commitment of each individual. Our staff is our most valuable asset. Our team develops, tests, troubleshoots, and manages our products. RaceChip® is also involved in training the next generation in the workforce. In 2012 alone, four new apprentices joined the team working in areas of development, marketing, administration and customer support.

Worldwide distribution

Thousands of Chiptuning RaceChip® modules have been sold worldwide every year. With the help of distributors and our partners we provide driving pleasure, even in the most diverse climates. On our website join the other 10 million fans of chiptuning in many different languages and area codes.