Motorvision TV review: More power and improved gas mileage with RaceChip

Motorvision TV show at 9:45pm: more power yet less fuel consumption? With RaceChip chiptuning that is supposed to be possible. MOTOR VISION TV wants to know more and makes the practical test. MOTOR VISION sends two teams with identical cars on a 3000 km (1800 miles) road trip on the way from Uhingen in Stuttgart, Germany to Barcelona, Spain and back. The fuel the consumption is measured and the Race chip needs to show what it really has to offer.


Stock vehicle: 7.0l/100km ( 33.6 mpg)
RaceChip equipped vehicle: 5.4l/100km ( 43.5 mpg)

RaceChip improved the fuel consumption by 1.6l/100km or 9.9 mpg while improving hp, torque and engine pick-up.

Source: Motorvision TV (unchanged original German article)


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