From street to track racing

Even if quite often this is unusual in the tuning business: After years of experience in tuning street vehicles we now are engaged in performance improvement of racing vehicles. In cooperation with Radical Sportscars we started with a SR-3 racing car from Ascari Resort since December. It can be rented for racing events and delivers impressive driving dynamics and quick lap times:
  • Min. Weight: 570 kg / 1256 lb
  • Vmax: 250 km/h / 155 mph
  • 0-100 kmh/h: 3.1 sec. / 0-60 mph: 3.0 sec.
  • 80-160 kmh/h: 5.3 sec.
  • SPA-lap time: 2 m 25 sec
  • Ascari-lap time: 2 m 30 sec
We were on-site the first weekend to beat our CEO’s lap times. Enjoy the pics below. RaceChip Radical SR3  RaceChip Radical SR3  RaceChip Radical SR3

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