RaceChip Chiptuning module Installation

No matter which RaceChip® module you choose, its is easy to install. For most vehicles it only requires about 15 minutes to install – no special tools and without in depth automotive knowledge. All you have to do is connect the RaceChip® module’s two plugs to the engine and its control unit and fix it to the engine compartment and let the fun begin. Some of the gasoline engines have three or four plugs


Installation instructions and photos

Your RaceChip® Chiptuning module includes matching installation instructions for either diesel common-rail, diesel fuel injector or turbo gasoline engines. At your request we can send you additional photos of the engine compartment for your vehicle via email to help you complete the installation process. Just let our customer support know.

Enter the RaceChip® Support Center to find answers to frequently asked questions about RaceChip and installation.

Simply click: On our Youtube-Channel you will find a comprehensive range of installation videos for various vehicle types.

Chiptuning – Installation in just a few steps

Important: BEFORE installation of the RaceChip® module!

If you install the RaceChip®, no residual current may flow through. First, turn off the engine and open the hood, lock the vehicle with the remote key to disable electrical current throughout the vehicle.  Wait 5 to 10 minutes to ensure no electrical currents are flowing, and then you may begin the installation process.

Installation in 6 easy steps

1. Step

Loosen and remove the engine cover, if applicable.
2. Step

Look for the connectors based on the installation guide.
3. Step

Loosen the original plug and connect it to the appropriate wire harness supplied with the RaceChip kit.  
4. Step

Check that the connection of the wire harness is connected securely and is working properly by using the blind adapter. (Only with RaceChip & RaceChip Pro)
5. Step

Connect the RaceChip module with the matching connector on the wiring harness.
6. Step

Attach the harness and the RaceChip tuning module with the supplied cable ties securely in the engine compartment.

Note: This is an abbreviated form of the installation instructions for a diesel engine as example. A detailed installation guide is included with the delivery of your RaceChip chiptuning kit.

Detailed video tutorials on installation are available at Video Gallery.